By Hugo Hodgson

Long Shot Wins Big!

Last night was a big one for us - we entered our hard seltzer drinks into the Food & Drink Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards for the Midlands and were announced as winners against stiff competition such as Lyfbar and Burning Barn Rum!

Long Shot Drinks: Winners of Food & Drink category at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2020 with our all natural hard seltzers drinks

The event was, of course, aired digitally to our homes – meaning the evening was a bit less tuxedo and champagne - and more, takeaway and hard seltzer! And it was a brilliant occasion.

Going into this process was a bit of an experiment for us, and we just wanted to tell our story of launching our hard seltzers business during lockdown and everything that’s gone with it. We definitely fell into the ‘we’re just happy to be nominated’ bracket.

So it’s safe to say we never expected our names to be read out as the eventual winners, even less so by the Go Compare man himself - Wynne Evans (bucket list tick!) – who was absolutely brilliant, alongside co-host Ollie Barrett. We’ve now managed to put Long Shot Drinks and the Midlands on the map!

There were some fantastic brands all picking up awards, and the evening itself was a reminder that there’s still a huge amount of fight left in our economy – with new and established brands (over 2600 in attendance in total) all forging on with their own passion and drive to prosper in these downright weird times.

Our Long Shot Moment

Getting our Long Shot Drinks business off the ground has been a hell of an effort (struggling not to include a ‘you could say it’s been a Long Shot’ pun) – we’ve had to learn something new every day, and be ready to adapt to a constantly changing market – but that’s why you do it right?

We’re a small brand in a sea of giant drinks companies – so to get this recognition for our hard work felt really great. We tried to make the most of the uncertainty we’ve seen the last few months, and it has actually helped give us the time and dedication to perfect our recipes and launch our hard seltzers to the fine thirsty folk out there.

It turns out trying to stand out in an overwhelming drinks market filled with weird and wonderful creations at every turn is hard work. We took things back to basics – inspired by a hugely popular US trend – and created a range of alcoholic sparkling waters made right here in the UK.

Hard Seltzer? Easy Choice

Somewhere along the line choosing your next drink became very confusing – with funky hop varieties and botanicals never failing to get the millennial drinker excited. But we wanted to make a ready-to-drink option that was as simple as possible – it’s why we show on our cans exactly what goes into our drinks – something that for some reason you’re not legally made to state.

We make our hard seltzers in rural Herefordshire, using only local ingredients where possible, which are low sugar, vegan and low calorie. We use a gluten-free grain alcohol, infuse it with all-natural fruit juices such as Strawberry and Rhubarb; and then bring it to life with some sparkling mineral water.  The result is a refreshing alcoholic sparkling water drink at 4% ABV, under 70 calories and available in 3 flavours: Grapefruit, Raspberry & Blackcurrant and Strawberry & Rhubarb.

That’s it. That’s the tale of two unlikely lads who launched their hard seltzer business right in the middle of these downright weird times and came home with the award J. We will continue to fly the flag for great British all-natural hard seltzers and continue to bring alcoholic low-calorie bubbles to our faithful customers. Click here to check out what all the fuss is about



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