Gluten Free Alcoholic Drinks

Gluten free. You see it everywhere these days right? But what does it mean?

The technical answer: For any food item to be labelled as being gluten free, it has to have less than 20 parts of gluten per million.

Nowadays there are a growing amount of great tasting gluten free alcoholic drinks in the UK, but it wasn’t always that way.

It always seemed pretty unfair that coeliacs had to miss out on the simple joys of life – like a good beer or piece of toast, but now with countless new options across all categories, things have definitely improved.

With many gluten free alcoholic drinks out there simply being a ‘free-from’ version of their original, we wanted to make sure we made Long Shot completely gluten free from the start – and with less than 10 parts per million, Long Shot can offer that new solution to the parched masses out there.

Being gluten intolerant or coeliac is pretty serious though, and can even be life-threatening. So it’s important to know that the grain alcohol used in our manufacturing (although it comes predominantly from grains such as wheat), is completely gluten-free because of our distillation process, breaking down and removing the proteins that trigger these intolerances and allergies.

So whether gluten is your absolute kryptonite, or you’re simply trying to consume less, we’ve got your next gluten free alcoholic mixed drink sorted.