Low Sugar Alcoholic Drinks

Low sugar. Low calories. Is less always best?

We’re fortunate to be part of a generation that is thinking more than ever about what they put into their bodies – no longer blindly following the status quo – and understanding that when it comes to what you drink, sometimes less is more.

We’ve never been those to only hunt down the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks out there but are aware of the growing obesity problem here in the UK: with nearly two thirds of UK adults being classified as overweight.

We can easily forget that those couple of pints can sometimes start to add up, and is part of the reason we started Long Shot in the first place - to bring you that lighter alternative. And with roughly half the calories of your standard G&T (on a ml per ml basis), you can get more of the flavour, with less of the guilt.

Alcohol will never be healthy – but we also believe that it is possible to have that is not packed with sugar and added nasties. 

For some reason alcohol producers here in the UK aren’t required to label what goes into their drinks, which seems ludicrous to us, and is why we proudly show not only what goes into our drinks, but all the associated nutritional information as well. 

Our drinks only contain 4g of sugar as a result of our preference to use all-natural fruit juices for flavour, rather than stronger (often cheaper) artificial alternatives. 

We wanted to create a something for the more health-conscious drinker – who still wants to enjoy a drink, but feel less of the guilt. All 115 calories (per 440ml can), vegan and gluten-free and at 4% they offer that simple alternative to tired G&Ts or sickly sweet canned cocktails.