Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

Is my drink vegan?

Not many people know this one, but lots of the beers and wines out there that we all drink aren’t technically vegan at all. This is because of a fining agent used at the end of fermentation called isinglass – a gelatin made from dried fish bladders (yep – we’re serious, and it’s as gross as it sounds) - to filter out the yeast and residual haze.

It is flavourless and harmless, but chances are if you told people that’s what’s in their drink, they’d probably be more than a little confused (as we were when we found out!) However, ethically speaking, for those looking for an alcoholic vegan drink it can understandably leave a bad taste in the mouth, and is part of the reason why we created Long Shot.

It seemed weird to us that there weren’t many decent vegan alcoholic drinks out there in the UK. We’re not just another ‘vegan alcoholic drink’ – we wanted to make sure we created a great-tasting drink that also happens to be suitable for vegans. So we did.

Our drinks are predominantly made from mineral water and fruit juices, which are of course both vegan (amazing what they can do these days right?) and are mixed with a neutral grain spirit – which is derived mainly from wheat and doesn’t undergo a filtration process.