By George Blurton

The Best Gluten Free Drinks


It turns out lots of drinks out there include it. But what actually is it? And what are the best gluten free drinks to choose if you’re trying to avoid it?

Many beers and liquors are made by fermenting the naturally occurring sugars found in gluten grains such as barley and rye. Now this is absolutely fine for the majority of drinkers out there, but there’s an increasing amount of customers who have discovered that they may actually be intolerant to this hidden nemesis.

Reasons for people opting for gluten free drinks rather than the original range all the way from those with full-blown coeliac disease (where their bodies are actually allergic to the substance), to those who are simply trying to consume less gluten in their diet for other health reasons.

It is thought that 1 in 100 people have the full-on coeliac disease, whereas 1 in 10 are following a gluten free diet for other reasons. So taking all this into account, it’s no wonder that there’s been a huge increase in gluten free drinks options out there – but which are best?

If you fall into either of these categories, sadly beer is not your friend – unless it is specifically labelled as gluten free beer. But most wines, rums and tequilas are absolutely fine, however some other spirits can sometimes be tricky for those trying to avoid gluten.

Some spirits including vodka, gins and whiskies are made by distilling gluten-containing grains, and so although they contain no gluten per se, can cause troubles for those trying to avoid the stuff altogther.

The good news?

Hard seltzers are gluten free and fine to drink! The alcohol used to make our hard seltzers is completely neutral and comes from a variety of sources – from sugar beets to wheat – which means when distilled they contain no active gluten ingredients.

We wanted to make sure our drinks work for everyone – whatever your relationship to gluten – so with the only other ingredients in our seltzers being mineral water and real fruit juices, you can be sure your Long Shot is a safe bet.

Read more about our gluten free hard seltzers here.

Need some more convincing? We’ve whipped up some gluten-free cocktail ideas you can make using our hard seltzers. Check them out today.



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