By George Blurton

Low calorie Halloween Hard Seltzer Cocktails

Halloween calls for Hard Seltzers

Didn’t know hard seltzer cocktails were a thing? You do now!

You can make a whole range of Creepy Cocktails with our low calorie hard seltzers?

We know we can all get a bit excited with the Halloween buzz and everything that goes with it (sugar overload and all). But who’s to say your drink has to be the same?

All under 100 calories, and all utterly delicious - why not try out some of the below spooky creations with your next hard seltzer delivery?

The Blackcurrant Booster Jab (81 calories) 

Finally a jab we’re actually looking forward to. We can’t promise there’ll be no dodgy side-effects though!

Blackcurrant hard seltzer

  • Find the darkest, creepiest corner of your home
  • Fill your favourite tumbler glass with ice. Top with half a can of Raspberry & Blackcurrant Hard Seltzer
  • Fill syringe with rum, lime juice and black food colouring
  • Get syringing!
  • Garnish with marshmallow eye candies (because we all have some of those lying around right?)


The Shocking Strawberry Seltz (89 calories)

Eye bet you’re looking forward to this one (sorry!)

UK seltzer strawberry

  • Fill your trusty wine chalice with ice. Top with 20ml vodka
  • Top up with Strawberry & Rhubarb Hard Seltzer
  • Get your fake blood game going by drizzling ice-cream sundae sauce on the rim
  • Garnish with your new favourite marshmallow eye balls


Mix up your next Halloween party with these low calorie alcoholic drinks.

Try some out for yourself with our new 6 x pack of seltzers and show us your creations by tagging us @longshotdrink



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