By Hugo Hodgson

Seltzers in Scotland

There's a new Scottish Hard Seltzer on the block

This one’s a little bit exciting.

Edinburgh – the city of arts and history, and now also the city of some cracking award-winning hard seltzers too!

Last month we launched our range of alcoholic sparkling waters with the Margiotta Food & Wine Grocery chain.

With 10 stores across Edinburgh and beyond, the family-owned Margiottas chain is one of the premium destinations for artisan food and drink in the capital (including now a cracking selection of hard seltzers too!)

So if you’re local to the area, or just happen to be visiting, and want to try out a new low calorie alcoholic drink, make sure you go say hey to one of the super-friendly staff, and try some of the good stuff.

It's our first real step north of the border for our sumptuous seltzers, and we’ve got big plans for the region so keep your eyes peeled for more hopefully coming soon.


Scottish Hard Seltzer



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