By George Blurton

Long Shot Wins Gold at the Spirits Business Ready-to-Drink Awards

Award Winning Hard Seltzers

Some bloomin brilliant news to kick start this week for us!

Our range of all-natural hard seltzers have picked up a clean-sweep of awards at the annual Pre-mixed and RTD Masters – bagging two golds and a silver!

The awards are an annual celebration of the best alcoholic drinks the ‘ready to drink’ category – everything from canned cocktails, to pre-mixed spirits and now hard seltzers too.

This years awards judged over 125 entries from around the world, so we’re super excited to receive this recognition for our range of low-calorie drinks.

Our Raspberry & Blackcurrant seltzer grabbed the coveted Gold medal, along with our Strawberry & Rhubarb, with our Grapefruit hard seltzer also picking up Silver in the process.

It turns out Hard Seltzers are hard to get right!

We came up with the idea for Long Shot whilst in the US, when we noticed everyone drinking this new drink called a ‘spiked seltzer’, and we loved it! But we still found that most of the seltzers we tried still tasted too artificial or were unsure what half of the ingredients were in most of them.

So we wanted to take a different approach with our range of alcoholic seltzers. These days people want to know more about what goes into their drink – so we wanted to use only all-natural ingredients, all sourced from as locally as possible here in the UK – giving people that lighter alterative, without compromising on flavour.

Our first batches were made using nothing more than a Sodastream, some local fruit juices and some neutral alcohol. We’ve come a long way since then, but we want to always stay true to our mantra of only using the highest quality ingredients.

It is a more expensive way of doing things, but it looks like we’re not the only ones who think the end result speaks for themselves, so to receive this recognition feels fantastic!

 Want to try some out for yourself? Pick up a mixed case today and try all your favourites in one place!



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