By George Blurton

Spring Time Hard Seltzer Cocktails

Hard Seltzer. Easy Cocktails

Looking for some low calorie cocktail ideas? You’ve come to the right place..

The clocks have gone forward, the weather’s getting warmer, the drinks are getting colder. In our book – that normally means that Spring is finally here. Hurrah for that!

And to celebrate this seasonal souvenir, we’ve been back in the testing kitchen putting together some fun Spring cocktail ideas for your next hard seltzer.

All under 100 calories, and all guaranteed to take your next Spring drinks party to the next level.

Strawberry & Cream

More like Strawberry & DREAM am I right...? Just me?

Strawberry seltzer cocktail

  • Shake 20ml vodka and 15 ml lime juice over ice in a shaker
  • Strain and pour into your favourite martini / coupe glass
  • Top up with Strawberry & Rhubarb Long Shot
  • Finish with a generous squirt of whipped cream (make sure to test out first by applying generously into open mouth)



They’ll definitely be after a 'bitter' this

Campari strawberry cocktail

  • Add 25ml Campari to shaker
  • Add 15 ml lime juice
  • Get shaking!
  • Strain, pour and top up with Strawberry & Rhubarb Long Shot
  • Float in some frozen raspberries to garnish



Have faith. This twist on the classic won’t leave you sour

Grapefruit paloma hard seltzer

  • Salt the rim of a Collins glass
  • Pour 35ml tequila into shaker
  • Add ice and shake with 15ml lime juice
  • Pour and top up with Pink Grapefruit Long Shot
  • Garnish with blow-torched lemon wedge for real mic-drop finish


Quick Refresh

…What to smugly serve instead when they ask for a Gin & Tonic

raspberry seltzer flavour

  • Add 25 ml gin to Collins glass (we opted for a plain, London Dry style gin)
  • Pour in 15 ml lime juice
  • Add ice and top up with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Long Shot
  • Garnish with lime wheel or frozen raspberries


Thirsty yet? Try making your own with our mixed case - containing all 3 x flavours in one handy place.




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