Our Story

We took a Long Shot!

In 2019, we noticed something brewing in the drinks world. Unlike a sugary cocktail or an uninspiring gin in a tin, hard seltzers were light, refreshing and full of flavour. Just the thing we’d been looking to drink. But most were packed with artificial ingredients and fake flavours, which made no sense to us.

Fuelled by a rebellious spirit, a thirst for adventure and a healthy dose of blind optimism, we decided to quit our 9-5 corporate jobs and create our very own hard seltzer. One we’d make the right way, with the right ingredients. 

After some careful crafting, a bit of experimenting and a long night or two, we got there. A fruit-infused hard seltzer that’s low calorie, has all-natural ingredients and tastes great. Check them out here.


George and Hugo

Our Ethos

Some rules are meant to be broken. Not these ones!

  • Always big flavour!

    If something’s worth drinking, it should be damn tasty.

  • Always the real deal!

    Never anything artificial. The only thing that flavours our seltzers is real fruit. And plenty of it!

  • Always refreshing!

    The sparkling mineral water gives an uplifting boost to picnics, after-work drinks or post gym celebrations. Cheers!

  • Always naturally light!

    Natural, no-nonsense ingredients mean we always keep our seltzers under 100 calories.

Can't decide on a flavour?

Try them ALL! Our mixed cases have all your favourites in one-place. Easy!'

6, 12, 24 and 36 packs available!

All Long Shot Hard Seltzers are made and produced in rural Herefordshire and are sourced from local ingredients. Made using only the highest-quality fruit juice for flavour - never anything artificial - Long Shot is a British take on the latest drinking sensation.