By George Blurton

Long Shot now available with Virgin Atlantic

Boarding pass? Check.
Passport? Check.
Hard Seltzer? Check!

This week, after more than 600 days, the travel ban from the UK to the US was finally lifted.

And to coincide with this momentous day for the travel industry, we are extremely pleased to announce that you can now find our hard seltzers in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounge – giving flyers that last hit of refreshment before they set off to catch up with long-separated Stateside friends.


Pre-flight refreshment just stepped up a notch

UK hard seltzer

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounge in Terminal 3 is a beautiful space for travellers to unwind before a long flight, including rest areas, cinema rooms, exercise rooms, and is also the only airline lounge in the UK to have a rooftop garden – where you can get the best view in the house of everything happening on the tarmac.

They also serve up some of the best fresh food and drink (all complimentary of course) – and now including some cracking hard seltzers too!

Long-haul travel can be quite an exhausting experience, so we’re pleased to be helping you on your way with that slightly lower calorie alcoholic option.


British Underdogs for the win

UK hard seltzers

The Virgin story has been one that’s given us huge amounts of inspiration on our own entrepreneurial journey - and we’ve always loved the cool, plucky, approach of Sir Richard Branson and the team taking on the big dogs in the aviation world.

As a young British start-up ourselves, we share a very similar ethos to the Virgin story, as we look to take on some of the biggest names in the alcoholic drinks space. Just like how Virgin put bars on planes, we’re looking to help put British hard seltzers on the map too. Check out what makes us different to other hard seltzers out there.

Every time we’ve met the Virgin team we’ve been blown away by their passion and dedication towards providing the best possible experience for their visitors, and we knew we just had to find a way to work with the team.

So next time you’re heading out West, make sure you check out the Virgin Atlantic Lounge, and start your journey off right with one of our all-natural hard seltzers. Cheers!



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