By George Blurton

It's time for a refresh!

Hard Seltzer Upgrade

We’ve been a bit quiet on here recently and have been working on something really special to share with you lovely lot.

This Spring we are launching a full redesign of our range of all-natural hard seltzers.

You might have noticed last year we upgraded our cans from our previous 250ml version to a 440ml serve – making them the largest available seltzer in the UK market – and now we are taking them on the next stage of their journey.

From March 2023, we’re bringing out a full redesigned range of seltzers, and we’re really happy with how they’re looking.

Still the same great taste you know and love, this larger serve will bring you that longer hit of refreshment you didn’t know you were missing.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant and funky world of craft beer, we’ve given our cans a much needed facelift – including all the elements and iconography that make our drinks so unique.

We only use real fruit juice for flavour in our drinks, meaning the drinks pour out the colour of the juices we’re using, so we wanted to make the can fully reflect the colour of the liquid within.

The new ‘graffiti’ style wrap is part of a wider brand repositioning too, so expect to see this new style popping up in pubs and bars around you soon too.

Strawberry Seltzer

Same Seltzer. New look

Last year we heard your feedback on wanting to have a longer serve, hence the upgrade from our previous 250ml version.

And now we’ve been hearing that a great deal of our drinkers have been opting away from craft beers and fruit ciders towards Long Shot’s ‘lighter’ nature, so wanted to make sure our can was attractive to this growing customer base too.

Still packing 115 calories per can, Long Shot is a refreshingly simple blend of fruit juice, neutral alcohol and sparkling mineral water. Coming in at a ‘sessionable’ 4% abv, Long Shot brings that cleaner alternative to other sugar-filled ready-to-drink options on the market.

The new range is available to order from our website today. Some orders may include a mixture of the new and old designs depending on the flavour, so please do bear with us while we fully transition all flavours over to this new format.

We’re always keen to hear your thoughts, and hope you’ll enjoy the new look as much as we do – but do let us know what you think either way.

Cheers team!



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