About Our Drinks

All our Drinks are...

  • Suitable for Vegans

    Because we also watched 'that' Netflix documentary

    It turns out most of the beers and wines out there aren’t actually vegan-friendly at all (I know, it was news to us too!) So rather than just ticking the ‘vegan’ box, we wanted to make a great-tasting drink first, which also happens to be suitable for vegans. Check ingredients >

  • Gluten Free

    Because that’s cool, right?

    A rigorous distillation process for our grain alcohol helps to break down and remove the proteins that trigger any gluten intolerances and allergies. So if you’re simply trying to cut down, or have a more serious issue, you’ve nothing to worry about with our gluten-free hard seltzers. Check ingredients >

  • Keto Friendly

    Low carbs mean it’s perfect for washing down that avocado & egg salad!

    That’s right – it is possible to still enjoy a drink whilst on a keto-diet, you just might need to stay away from the beers. With only 2-2.5g of carbohydrate per can (all of which come from naturally occurring sugars in our fruit juices), Long Shot can bring that keto-friendly option to the drinks table. Check ingredients >

  • Low Calories

    So you can have that second cheeseburger after all!

    But seriously, why waste all that hard work with the diet when enjoying a drink? We noticed that those couple of drinks can all start to add up and is partly why we created Long Shot – to bring that lighter alternative. And with roughly half the calories of your standard G&T, you can get more of the flavour, with less of the guilt. Check ingredients >

  • Low Sugar

    Basically the opposite of those sugary canned cocktails you see everywhere.

    We got frustrated by the lack of high-quality ‘lighter’ options out there and weren’t so keen on the teeth-rotting level of sugars we found in most ready-to-drink options we found. So the only sugar you’ll find in our drinks comes from naturally occurring sources in the fruit-juices we use.  Check ingredients >

  • 4% ABV

    The same kick as your standard journey juice, with less of the guilt

    We wanted the individual fruits we use to be the centre of our drinks – and we’re sometimes told it’s hard to taste the alcohol in them – but there’s nothing stopping you topping yours up with a splash of vodka for more of a hit if you fancy! Check ingredients >

A better choice. For you and the planet.

All of our drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients – meaning no nasty surprises.

Nearly all of our ingredients are sourced from within 20 miles of our manufacturer, and on the rare occasion we need to bring something in from further afield – we only transport concentrates rather than juices, to cut down on emissions.

Our cans are made with 100% aluminium – meaning they are infinitely recyclable. It also means they’re lighter – meaning less transport emissions. Win win!