By George Blurton

Vegan Seltzer cocktails for Christmas

Did you know you can heat your hard seltzer up for some warm Winter cocktails?

Well, after some careful late night ‘research’, we’ve put together a few different options to shake up your seltzer game this Winter.

All vegan, and all made with your favourite hard seltzer, and a few cupboard staples you’ll have lying around.

 Fruity Coffee

...because Irish Coffee was so last year

Raspberry seltzer cocktail

  • Add 15ml amaretto
  • Mix with 30ml fresh espresso shot
  • Top up with Raspberry & Blackcurrant Hard Seltzer
  • For best results – try after Christmas lunch, to fight off those food-coma vibes


Mulled Long Shot

Spicing up the post-carol concert drinks scene this year

low calorie drink

  • Buy pre-batched mulled wine or make your own - we used this recipe
  • Mix with Pink Grapefruit Long Shot
  • Heat on hob for 10 minutes, then leave to infuse for 30 mins
  • Add Sliced orange and cinnamon stick to garnish
  • (Optional) - top up with sloe gin or brandy if you’re feeling extra ‘Christmassy’


Festive High Ball

We’ve given this classic cocktail a hard seltzer upgrade

Highball hard seltzer

  • Add 30ml Apple Juice and ice
  • Stir in 15ml cinnamon syrup (we used the ones we had leftover from last years coffee Christmas set)
  • Top up with Strawberry & Rhubarb Hard Seltzer
  • Garnish with mint sprig


Afternoon Tea

What they were really drinking in Alice in Wonderland…

vegan seltzer cocktail

  • Pour 25ml black tea
  • Add in 15ml lime juice (half a lime will do)
  • Top up with Strawberry & Rhubarb Long Shot
  • Garnish with the classic cocktail addition of a Jammy Dodger (other biscuity treats will also work)


Tried making your own? Email your attempts to, for a chance to win a free 24-mixed case.



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