Sustainability & Ethics

The Long... Long Shot

We’ve all seen companies who shout about overly ambitious environmental Carbon and Ethical targets. We love a goal that is difficult to achieve, it’s why we called ourselves Long Shot in the first place.

We would like to give something back, both to the planet and people. But we are an early-stage business, and rather than simply ‘greenwashing’ with jargon and false promises, we have put together an ethical roadmap for our day-to-day operations to follow.

We have three phases which will help to give us focus going forwards:

• Phase 1 - Reduce our emissions through awareness

• Phase 2 - Partner with a charitable organisation to give someone else their Long Shot

• Phase 3 - Off set and reduce our carbon emissions

Phase 1: Reducing our emissions through awareness (In Progress)

Without even measuring we know that we are a relatively low-carbon business, here is how:

  • Our drinks come in aluminium cans. Cans are infinitely more recyclable than glass. They are lighter and can be packed more densely – meaning less vehicles on the road.

  • We use real fruit juices in our drinks. Fruit trees absorb carbon and the juices are often made using the misshapen fruit that cannot otherwise be sold in supermarkets - saving on food waste.

  • We operate a local supply chain, who we know and trust.

  • Our trade orders are delivered in electric vehicles.

  • As a team we only use public transport or bicycle.

  • Plastic free where possible. Sadly, we don’t always get this right. Recently, we forgot to order our boxes in time for a production run and we had no option but to use plastic shrink wrapped trays. That was a bad day, and we’ll make sure it never happens again!

Phase 2: Partnering with a charitable organisation (In Progress)

There are plenty of charities out there, but we’re still searching for the right one to partner with.

Many companies give 1% back to the planet. Whilst this is very honourable and we salute them for doing so, we want a charity that’s like us, one that’s growing and ambitious, where we can see exactly how and where our contributions are spent, and one that aligns exactly with our brand.

We always prefer being a big fish in a small pond, so are looking for an organisation that works with fewer, more relevant partners, rather than with hundreds of them.

We are therefore calling on you, we need your help. We are on the hunt for a charity who wants to partner with a brand like ours. If you have any ideas, please send us a message here. If you successfully refer us, you’ll win a years supply of Long Shot absolutely free. Yep, that’s right. Free booze (18+ only)!

Phase 3: Offsetting and reducing carbon emissions - COMMENCING 2023/24

We are a small business and therefore we know this will be the most expensive phase for us, hence why we cant commence this stage just yet.

We know that to do this properly and achieve a significant (and meaningful) carbon reduction, we’ll need to appoint a sustainability consultant to work with us.

This will allow us to be truly accountable, and can measure any objectives we set, allowing us to:

• Measure the carbon footprint of our business

• Improving our supply chain, benchmarking our business against competitors

• Reducing carbon emissions across all areas of our business.

Have a question about the above? Not sure it makes sense? Have a way of doing it better? We are all about openness and honesty at Long Shot, not green washed corporate dribble. Drop us a line and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.